Secondary Research

Secondary Research

Partnership review and road safety strategy production

Review of strategy documents and action plans to align your activities with international best practice, identifying opportunities and action recommendations

Literature and evidence reviews undertaken to enhance knowledge of a topic for intervention design

We conduct secondary research for many different purposes. We use international best practice to review national government, partnership and authority’s road safety strategies and action plans, comparing activities against policy frameworks, such as the Safe System. These reviews provide an opportunity to share good practice from elsewhere; ‘sense check’ strategies against existing frameworks; and identify gaps which could be strengthened.

The natural extension of these reviews is to work with partnerships to review their activities, direction and structure, culminating in the creation of new long-term strategy documents.

For particular topics, we conduct literature and evidence reviews, which range from rapid evidence reviews, through to systematic reviews and meta-analyses. We summarise available research in an accessible manner, linking back to local data to highlight where your trends follow the norm and where there are differences.

The purpose is to provide detailed insight into a topic, providing recommendations (where appropriate) of paths to follow. In addition to conducting literature reviews for road safety practitioners, we have also written updates and new content for the Road Safety Observatory and created the Older Mobility digital knowledge hub with RoadSafe.