Second Decade of Action, in partnership with RoadSafe (Agilysis Webinar)

Second Decade of Action, in partnership with RoadSafe

Tuesday 2nd November 2021 at 14:00-15:00

This autumn sees the launch of the 2nd UN Decade of Action on Road Safety as global leaders and institutions seek to get to grips with the international challenge of road death and injury. In partnership with RoadSafe, this expert panel discussion will look at the imperatives for change, the ambitions of the new global plan and consider how the UK can play its part in the decade ahead.

Dan Campsall will chair the discussion and be joined by Lotte Brondum, Executive Director of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, Jonathon Passmore, Program Manager (Violence and Injury Prevention) at World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe and Adrian Walsh, Executive Director at RoadSafe.

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Dan Campsall


Having dedicated over a decade to road safety, Dan has been involved in leading a number of pioneering and critically acclaimed initiatives such as MAST online, and Safer Roads Berkshire all of which have gone on to win major awards. Dan also does a good deal of training, public speaking and is often used as a commentator by various media networks. Dan has a background in marketing and communications who has overseen many of RSA’s campaigns; a portfolio of initiatives that embraces everything from car seat safety and child pedestrian training to young drivers and motorcyclists. In addition to his role in Agilysis, Dan supports the work of PACTS ( and is a member of the RoadSafe (

In partnership with RoadSafe


RoadSafe is a charitable partnership which brings together private sector with government and road safety professionals. Our mission is to reduce road deaths and injuries by supporting and encouraging partnerships between the private sector and road safety professionals to promote the safe system, sharing knowledge, encouraging innovation and recognising achievement.