Road Rangers Online

Easily Accessible Online

Interactive Learning

Evidence Based

An online interactive comic designed to fit key stage 1 education for general road safety knowledge training.

Road Rangers is a series of stories following 4 different characters on their journey to or from school. Each story covers a different topic that is accessible directly through the website on any computer, mobile or tablet device.

With a subscription to the service you will be given your own unique login as a local authority, which you are free to share with your schools or parent groups. Schools simply use this login to access each of the chapters that make up the comic.

There are no limits on the numbers of users that can be logged in at any one time, meaning that multiple students can access it simultaneously.

Paired with an exclusively available Road Rangers road safety show, schools have the opportunity to meet one of the characters from the stories and increase their road safety learning with a 30 minute assembly based show.

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