Developing our understanding of Older Drivers (Agilysis Webinar)

Developing our understanding of Older Drivers

Tuesday 7th December 2021 at 14:00-15:00

Older Mobility takes a deep dive into some of the latest DfT funded research programmes. Starting with the IAMRoadSmart older driver survey, Neil Greig and Rebecca Ashton will present findings. This will be accompanied by an exploration of the potential use of mobile simulators as a screening tool for older drives, based on a pilot study conducted by Agilysis. Tanya Fosdick will host and will be joined by Dr George Ursachi.

Guest Speakers:

Neil Greig - Director of Policy and Research, IAM RoadSmart

Rebecca Ashton - Head of Policy and Research, IAM RoadSmart

George Ursachi - Cabinet State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Romania

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Tanya Fosdick

Research Director

Background in research, working in road safety analysis for the last twelve years. Specialises in the provision of in-depth research, data management and evaluation design and implementation. Advises on the incorporation of appropriate behaviour change models and behaviour change techniques in intervention design. Outstanding communication skills, demonstrated through the production of high-quality written reports; paper presentations; and training delivery. Has been involved in a number of high profile projects including E-Valu-It; research into rural young drivers and adult pedestrians; and evaluation of a variety of local and national road safety schemes, including multiple young driver campaigns, a longitudinal study of national BikeSafe, and a large scale evaluation of IAM Roadsmart.