New Ways of Accessing Road Safety Data (Agilysis Webinar)

New Ways of Accessing Road Safety Data

Tuesday 19th October 2021 at 14:00-15:00

The march towards cloud computing, and browser tools or apps has provided enormous opportunities for people to free themselves from traditional desktop computers and networks, and this is the same for road safety professionals and transport planners.
Digital adoption consists of three phases from digitisation (getting information available in *preferably* a machine-readable format), digitalisation (converting process to digital technologies), and digital transformation (integrated digital systems and processes).
There are many great examples of the first two phases with hints of transformation but how can authorities make the most of transformative technologies and approaches to streamline, improve, and inform?
This webinar will review digital datasets, new technologies, and integrated systems that are already being use to record, use and analyse data.

Democratising data

What does the transport data catalogue look like, who is publishing it, and what formats does it come in? We will show you some examples of published data that can be used by anyone to analyse road safety and active travel.

Collecting data

Paper forms should be a thing of the past but are you really moved on from re-coding data and storing it in a data warehouse? A fully-integrated system may be a stretch too far but there are systems in place to help speed up collection and processing: we will check out some examples.

Pre-analysed results

The growth of dashboards and similar technologies make it much easier to access meaningful data without needing to have technological skills and experience. This section will look at the tools are already out there and how authorities are creating solutions to help the public.

Analysis ecosystems

Is it possible to include all of your relevant data in a single, unified system and what kinds of technologies will support this? We will look at available options and consider the need to ‘read’ data and the requirement to ‘edit’.

Sometimes you do need a geek

It’s becoming much rarer for public sector organisation to carry out their own development but the best inspiration for innovation always comes from the professional, rather than the contractor. What simple tools and technologies could you be using yourself and how can you get support?

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Richard Owen


Over a decade of road safety management experience in the public and private sector Specialist in data analysis and visualisation An expert in enforcement management and UK road legislation Proven ability to lead large multi-agency partnerships, achieving consensus and progressing the joint aims of diverse agencies. Excellent verbal and written communications skills with substantial experience of working with the media.