Projects tailored to the intervention, ensuring designs meet aims and objectives

Flexible use of methods to meet accessibility of participants, time considerations and budget requirements

Team experienced in employing a wide range of methodologies

Experts on boards to interpret findings in context with national and international evidence

Excellent quality written reports, providing insights and practical recommendations

Evaluation is an essential part of the design and delivery of road safety schemes. It helps to identify and demonstrate whether the intervention has had an intended effect; and it can help provide evidence to funders and policymakers about the effects of the intervention.

It not only allows the examination of the efficacy of interventions but also how it can be improved to better meet the objectives, and it can demonstrate whether there are any additional benefits to the intervention as well as ensures that the intervention does not do any harm or have unexpected negative consequences. Additionally, it is possible to show value of money in order to justify continuation of the scheme.


Evaluation Case Study

Hereford and Worcestershire Fire and Rescue Service: Dying 2 Drive