CrashMap Pro

National and Local collision analysis reporting tool

A professional online mapping solution with enhanced analytical power that is quick and easy to use and allows users to filter, select and download official STATS 19 data on a map in a highly visual way.

CrashMap Pro is delivered using the ESRI ArCGIS Online platform and provides access to information about user groups and vehicles involved in collisions and their locations on roads across Great Britain, or in your local authority area.

Agilysis have been supplying local roads collision analysis for a number of years with customers from local authorities as well as large fleets. Our methodologies have been honed by constant conversations with end users and an increased use of cutting-edge technology. We have advanced our methods sufficiently to be able to provide a large quantity of analysis for the whole of GB, or individual areas.

The map shows collision markers coded by STATS20 severity ratings on roads coded by EURORap risk rating and the selection of interactive tools allow users to filter and select collisions in a variety of ways such as drawing round an area or along a route or with a shape file.

The information is useful for local authority engineers, road safety teams and police forces wanting to identify collision hotspots and at risk groups so that their budgets, interventions and are targeted to the areas of greatest need. The information is also useful for independent consultants and housing developers submitting planning application to show they have considered safety elements.

It can also assist local authority teams dealing with complaints or requests for measures like traffic calming or crossings from community groups or members of the public. Users can see the location and severity of reported collisions in seconds to make judgements on the appropriate next steps, whether that is a simple response stating that there is no significant issue, a requirement for further investigation, or escalation as a part of a road safety or speed management strategy.

Pricing is on an annual subscription basis and dependent on user numbers and whether you are a commercial or public sector organisation and includes the standard cost of an ESRI licence fee.

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