Changing Road Use Post Pandemic (Agilysis Webinar)

Changing Road Use Post Pandemic

Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 14:00-15:00

The last 18 months have seen a rollercoaster of changes in road use by different transport modes. With traffic levels allegedly back to ‘normal’ levels we will explore the evidence available on what the ‘new normal’ is and how behaviours may have changed. This webinar will review the data available from a number of sources to help understand what changes took place and what might be happening now.

Filling in the gaps

Access to historical data is critical to aid understanding of change but authorities are faced with challenges where this data has not been collected via Automated Traffic Counters. Agilysis have been using vehicle probe data from GPS tracks using passive tracking and navigation equipment (not insurance black-boxes) for several years and work directly with the industry experts, Basemap, to produce rich outputs for use in transport planning. This webinar will explore the use-cases for this data and explain some of the technical background.

Road User Behaviour

There were many well-publicised high-speed offences detected during the first lockdown but was this just a few reckless motorists or indicative of a wider trend. How did this change between different vehicle types and what data do we know about more recent patterns? We will look at national data to try and get a handle on what’s happening now and how authorities can identify and tack high-speed, low-compliance locations.

Road Casualty Risk

Understanding how people are travelling and their speed choice is important, as is the knock-on effects in terms of road user casualties. What does the available data tell us and what more do we need to understand. How can we calculate risk for populations and balance this with the overwhelming health benefits of active travel?

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Richard Owen


Over a decade of road safety management experience in the public and private sector Specialist in data analysis and visualisation An expert in enforcement management and UK road legislation Proven ability to lead large multi-agency partnerships, achieving consensus and progressing the joint aims of diverse agencies. Excellent verbal and written communications skills with substantial experience of working with the media.

Craig Smith

Data Scientist

Craig joined the team as a Research Analyst in 2018, and has since progressed to the role of Data Scientist. Having completed a DPhil at the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute, he has an established background in academic research. His role within Agilisys is mainly to explore and implement techniques from data science and machine learning to the road safety sector, as well as to provide support to the rest of the analysis team.