Latest podcast episode discusses 20mph

Think Agility podcast returns with discussion on 20mph

The Think Agility podcast returns with another episode to further unpick the evidence, impact and perceptions of 20mph.

In this episode Dan Campsall is joined by Charles Musselwhite, professor of psychology at Aberystwyth University, and Richard Owen, CEO at Agilysis and author of the recent report uncovering the immediate impact on speeds in the week after Wales went 20mph.

ThinkAgility aims to bring together intelligence, insight & innovation relating to the highways sector. Inevitably there will be a focus on safety, but as it relates to connected themes such as sustainable and active mobility, traffic technology, air quality and public health.

We will be bringing together thought leadership and the latest research and we are hoping to blend them with vibrant discussion, all with a hope of helping colleagues get across issues, think more deeply and help us all to move forward.