Agilysis takes home CIHT award for Global Roads

Agilysis brings home Road Safety Award from CIHT awards

Last night at the CIHT awards, Agilysis took home the Road Safety award for our Global Roads project.

The competition was really strong, with 9 great projects addressing vision zero, infrastructure safety, emerging data & AI as well as safety of cyclists and motorcyclists. It was great to see so much innovative practice, supported by strong evidence and generating high quality data and analytics.

With so much talk about AI, it was perhaps unsurprising that the role of data in safety came through so clearly. Global Roads represents the vanguard of our work deriving mobility data from remote sources, building traffic flow, vehicle speeds and road attribute data from earth observation imagery, creating national level geospatial data on network quality, risks and safety performance. We’re continuing to mobilise machine learning approaches to generate meaningful road asset insights, having already provided data for road networks and corridors in 14, mostly low- and middle-income, countries.

Global Roads was our first dip of the toe into the water of just what's achievable with brand new technology including machine learning. The initial project achieved aiRAP accreditation for three attributes including detecting vehicle speeds and traffic flow by using satellite imagery. Both vital data when conducting an iRAP survey of a road.

Independently evaluated, the methodology has delivered a revolutionary way of remotely sensing vehicle speeds and traffic volumes using Earth Observation data. The initial project for the African Road Safety Observatory resulted in maps of 25,000km of geospatially matched data showing where 75% of travel occurs in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Additionally, Agilysis provided in-depth analysis of 1,400km of data, revealing 13 attributes, using automated methods from existing data sources.  This has allowed for the development of seven safety performance indicators and has made substantial progress towards a further six.

To find out more about Global Roads visit our website or take a look at the project summary from our work with iRAP here.