Agilysis shortlisted for 2023 CIHT Award

Agilysis shortlisted for 2023 CIHT Award

Agilysis has been shortlisted for the Road Safety Award for the 2023 CIHT Awards for its Global Road programme.

Originally developed last year, GlobalRoads is a series of pioneering data products that utilise AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV), alongside other advanced to generate important road attribute information from novel data sources.

Initially developed to support low-cost data collection for Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) these scalable technologies are now capable of curating data and delivering insight at scale for entire national networks in just a few weeks.

Receiving AiRAP accreditation for 3 attributes critical in undertaking an iRAP assessment, analysis has now been undertaken in 14 countries including Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, India, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam.

Independently evaluated, the methodology has delivered a revolutionary way of remotely sensing vehicle speeds and traffic volumes using Earth Observation data. The initial project for the African Road Safety Observatory resulted in maps of 25,000km of geospatially matched data showing where 75% of travel occurs in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Agilysis also provided in-depth analysis of 1,400km of data, revealing 13 attributes, using automated methods from existing data sources.  This has allowed for the development of seven safety performance indicators and has made substantial progress towards a further six.

The methodologies developed in this project allow for remote measuring of traffic speed and flow, two of the most fundamental factors that influence risk on the road. GlobalRoads has created a completely new approach to automated collection of road attribute data.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony taking place in London on the 15th June. You can find out more about Global Roads here.