New webinar series to enhance the learning community

Spring Webinar series returns

The Agilysis webinar series returns in May with a brand new theme, focusing on topics that will enhance the learning community we have developed these last few years and since the early days of lockdown.

Dubbed our masterclass series, these four webinars will explore key and emerging themes in road safety, beginning with a masterclass example of using a combination of tools and analysis to provide active travel insight particularly in the journey to and from schools. This brand new analysis includes demonstrations of calculating route risk.

The following week, the webinar will focus on safety performance indicators, expanding on work done with RSGB in determining what measures are important, this webinar will look at ways in which they can be monitored and tracked and will include a demonstration of dashboard functionality.

The third webinar of the series will revisit evaluation. Something that Agilysis has been well known for, however, since the adoption of vision zero and safe system methodologies across the country, this webinar will discuss; what does evaluation look like in 2023?

Finally to close the spring series, we will revisit the rural roads topic following the report published with the RAC Foundation, which looks at further classifying a rural road and better understanding of road networks. In this webinar we will be joined by Steve Gooding of the RAC Foundation, and will discuss where do we go from here?

You can register now for any of the webinars via the content page, and clicking on the calendar.