ThinkAgility is the brand new podcast series from Agilysis

ThinkAgility is the brand new podcast series from Agilysis

New to 2023 we are beginning our first podcast series. ThinkAgility aims to bring together intelligence, insight & innovation relating to the highways sector. Inevitably there will be a focus on safety, but as it relates to connected themes such as sustainable and active mobility, traffic technology, air quality and public health.

We will be bringing together thought leadership and the latest research and we are hoping to blend them with vibrant discussion, all with a hope of helping colleagues get across issues, think more deeply and help us all to move forward.

In our first episode, we are kicking off with a discussion about the recent whitepaper on connected vehicle data that we have just published. Richard Owen has penned some thoughts about the growing role that connected vehicle data could have in improving rod safety.

In our second episode, we are kicking off with a discussion about another white paper due to be published later this month on the Safe System. Our research director, Tanya Fosdick has worked with colleagues here to digest and dissect findings from the Safe System Capacity Survey work undertaking in the Summer of 2022. A project that enjoyed extensive support from national advisory bodies working in road safety.

In the third episode of our first series, we are doing something a little different. Rather than talk about a particular piece of research or the latest whitepaper, we are joined by someone who has provided a great deal of leadership around transport issues over many years. David Davies has just retired as Exec Director of PACTS, and we thought what a great opportunity to get his reflections on a life in transport safety.

Due to be published later this month, in our fourth episode, we want to have a discussion about a project which, last December, garnered a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its Innovation and Achievement. This project involved Agilysis working with the International Road Assessment Programme and Global Road Safety Facility on novel ways of collecting data.

It is our intention to release new episodes throughout the year. You can subscribe to the channel for updates or subscribe to our newsletter using the form below to be kept informed.