Agilysis takes home mental health and wellbeing award

Agilysis takes home mental health and wellbeing award

Last night we were lucky enough to win the mental health and wellbeing award from Mind at the 2022 Highways Awards.

At Agilysis we have a strong sense of culture which values community, trust, collaboration, challenge, accountability and purpose. These aren’t just values for the corporate website, they are lived out, daily, in team interactions and actively promoted throughout the organisation.

Together we have worked hard to create a vibrant, supportive and inclusive environment at Agilysis which is at the heart of all of our work, recognising that corporate success should never be pursued at the expense of the individual, and that happy and healthy is best.
By creating a culture of openness and facilitating discussions designed to normalise conversations about stress, anxiety and mental health, the intention is to tackle the stigma around mental health so that employees feel comfortable disclosing their own mental health.

Monthly wellbeing scores are provided by all team members and discussed at management meetings so that any issues can be addressed quickly, and support can be provided to both the employee and to the line manager. The context for these discussions allows the management team to consider practical responses (shifting workloads and resource allocation) as well as social and emotional support.

Mental health first aiders are trained to provide an alternative point of contact other than a line manager. Their purpose is to spot any of the obvious indicators of poor mental health, help to identify staff that might be vulnerable or seeking help, or to provide support and advocate for change where issues can be identified, not allowing them to be glossed over.

Building community is also key establishing an open culture. ‘Lemur Fun Club’ is a cross-departmental team of colleagues who organise barbeques, theatre trips, book clubs, quizzes and TaskMaster Challenges all serving to create an inclusive and open environment where trust relationships are prioritised.

All this being said, we do however recognise that there is always more that can be done to improve mental health and wellbeing so this is certainly not the end of our journey.