Agilysis shortlisted for two more awards.

Agilysis shortlisted for two more awards.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for not one, but two Highways Awards this year.

Our Active Streets Assessment tool has been shortlisted for the Product of the Year award, and Agilysis has been shortlisted for the Mental Health & Wellbeing Award.

Agilysis has a deeply ingrained company culture that values community. We recognise that corporate success should never be pursued at the expense of the individual, recognising that happy and healthy is best.

Leaders and managers are investing in mental health and regular wellbeing checks are provided to all the team so that any issues can be addressed as early as possible. Building an inclusive and accepting workplace through a strong social programme, is backed up by policy and procedures designed to catch issues early and address them well. We believe this is why wellbeing in Agilysis continues to improve.

The Active Streets Assessment Tool was developed to provide Local Authority Active Travel and Highway Engineering teams with an easy-to-use tool bringing together a variety of datasets that would help identify appropriate locations for new segregated cycleways, footpaths, point closures, and area-wide measures.

ASAT embraces detailed network infrastructure data from Ordnance Survey Master Map, enhanced with additional telematics datasets for individual road sections including network flow, average speeds, 85th percentile speeds, modelled congestion, and collision history.

You can find out more about ASAT here.