MAST Headliners – Updated with STATS 19 data for 2019 collisions

MAST Headliners - Updated with STATS 19 data for 2019 collisions

Headliners provide quick, ready made analysis of the risk posed to certain road user groups, in the form of charts, maps, and data tables.

The STATS-19 data that helps us create these Headliner reviews is updated annually. The most recent set of collision data has been recently added to our database, ensuring that you get the most up to date information possible. All 7 Headliners come bundled free with a MAST online subscription which is £995 plus VAT.

The Headliners come in 7 different areas of focus, based on the road user group that they in turn focus on.

Three are casualty based, looking at:

- Child casualties

- Pedestrian casualties

- Pedal cyclist casualties

The other three are based on collision-involved drivers, looking at:

- Motorcyclists

- Older drivers

- Young drivers

Alongside these six types of headliners, there is a Maps Headliner that contains:

- Choropleth maps of resident casualty risk rates for all casualties

- Collision rates for all collisions

- A heatmap of all collisions, with clusters

- And a network route analysis, showing routes coloured by collision density index

For more information regarding our Headliners standalone product, please visit our website to find out more: Headliners

These Headliner reports are readily available immediately in the MAST portal for all subscribing authorities to MAST Online. If you are a MAST user and would like to take advantage of these reports but are unsure how, please do get in touch and we'd be very happy to provide a demonstration: MAST Online