Active Streets Assessment Tool – Winter Discount + Free Trial!

Active Streets Assessment Tool - Winter Discount + Free Trial

Our award winning, Active Streets Assessment Tool, just in time for Christmas, now comes with a £1000 discount if purchased between 1st December and 31st January. This takes the price down from £4595 down to just £3595!

If you were already looking at purchasing our tool, now would be an ideal time to get in touch! We'd be more than happy to demonstrate the potential uses of ASAT for your local authority. We've also recently introduced a free 72 hour trial period in which you can assess the potential use cases of the tool with your own local data giving you complete, up-to-date and in depth insight.

For more information regarding our ASAT product, or to chat to us about booking a demonstration/trial, please visit our website below to find out more!

Agilysis - Active Streets Assessment Tool