Agilysis contributes to global road safety with

Agilysis contributes to global road safety with

Road safety is a global problem. An estimated 1.35m die as a result of road crashes every year, and another 20-50m receive non-fatal injuries. The economic impact is also huge, on average costing 3% of a countries GDP.

Fleet operators large and small can make a big contribution to reducing those deaths and injuries, whilst avoiding the associated impacts of a road crash – such as replacing a vehicle, increased insurance, or, if the worst should happen, responding to the loss of an employee.

To help responsible companies manage and mitigate this risk, the European Bank of Research and Development (EBRD), with support from the Global Road Safety Facility (GSRF), implemented the development of a suite of resources recently launched as the Road Risk Toolkit.

The toolkit is designed to improve fleet safety in developing and transitional countries and contains resources and e-learning modules for drivers, fleet managers, driver trainers and NGOs working with companies. It is available completely for free, and, significantly, has been developed in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

The project was based on the work of a consortium of road safety consultancies – The Transafe Network, Fleet Safety Management, 4E Road Safety and Transport Consultants and Agilysis. Our role in the project included contributions to planning and analysis, and then to lead the development of the e-learning resources and the website to host the toolkit.

Watch the Road Risk Toolkit Intro: