Myanmar – Yangon and Mandalay Urban Motorcycle Safety Project

Myanmar - Yangon and Mandalay Urban Motorcycle Safety Project

Agilysis have been appointed by World Bank to review motorcycle urban road safety in the Myanmar. We are a part of a consortium lead by Steer Group, including DDivalConsulting, and working with Myanmar consultants Hexagonal Angle.
The principal goal for this project is to evaluate the impact on the motorcycle ban in Yangon which has been in place since 2003. This analysis will be strengthened through the use of high-quality, comparable datasets for both Yangon and Mandalay – where motorcycle use is not prohibited. The evidence around driver and passenger fatality rates for motorcycle users is well-understood and this research will also include an analysis of safety levels for different modes in both cities.

This research objectives of this study can be summarised under three main themes:

Experimental evaluation on motorcycle ban
Recommendations to increase safety and security amongst vulnerable road users (VRUs)
Relationship between motorcycle use and accessibility
The project relies heavily on the use of data from multiple sources to help understand the impact of the motorcycle ban. It will also involve collecting evidence from stakeholders and road users about their thoughts and opinions on urban transport.

Our analysis will result in the production of a report which will be of interest to many other countries in the region given the high numbers of road casualties associated with motorcycle use. The project team hopes to visit Myanmar in 2021 to deliver road safety workshops for local stakeholders