Safer Steps Online Proves to be Big Hit

Safer Steps Online Proves to be Big Hit

Safer Steps online is the first in a new range of online resources to help in the delivery of road safety education throughout school life and on into adulthood

With its release only two short weeks ago, Safer Steps has proven to be immensely popular with already over 650 unique users accessing and working through the comic.

Online resources allow for a quick and easy way to track the usage of resources which goes far beyond just measuring outputs of how many have been distributed. Speaking from experience when delivering schools-based education in Berkshire, there was no way to truly tell how many of the children were actually completing the workbooks at home after the assemblies had been delivered.

Safer Steps Online has been able to deliver on this, and at the same time provide feedback as children have progressed through the comic. In these unique and uncertain times many of us have had to turn to finding new ways of working, sometimes with difficulty and in some cases for the better. We hope that our range of online tools will help you to continue to deliver effective road safety education through this period and beyond.