Driver2020 Gets up and Running

Driver2020 Gets up and Running

Driver2020 is looking at different ways to make young drivers safer, more confident and more skilful in their first year of driving – a period we know from previous research to be one that new drivers find challenging

We want to understand how young drivers experience different driver training approaches and the effect they have on their driving. The results from the research will shape how young drivers learn to drive before and after the driving test. The research is the largest trial of its kind anywhere in the world.

Funded by the Department for Transport (Df), and being run by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) Agilysis was approached to lead one of the five different elements of the study. After months of research, education design and piloting, the project was finally given the green light from the Department for transport to begin running courses with participant.

We have a number of day long classroom based education days booked throughout the country over the next few months which we will be delivering to learner drivers who have applied to be part of the study.