Children’s traffic club

Agilysis provides demographic profiling for this long running, multi award winning intervention which introduces road safety for children aged three to four in a fun and engaging way.

A crucial aspect of CTC’s delivery is an ongoing commitment to ensure that all Londoners are benefitting from the scheme, including those from deprived and ethnic minority communities.

Agilysis analyses scheme take-up at nurseries across London on a monthly basis, and provides CTC with detailed information comparing scheme participants with the deprivation and ethnicity profiles of the communities in which they live.

This information allows CTC to monitor the inclusivity of their delivery and ensure that the scheme engages effectively with all the diverse communities of London.

In addition to this regular diversity monitoring service, Agilysis have also provided CTC with annual summaries of diversity, providing detailed insight into the characteristics of individual wards.

This information provides valuable context for the monitoring and planning information, and helps to inform CTC’s future planning.